about me

Mike Gonzalez.

Entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast.

About me

Continuous learning about entrepreneurship, investing, and fitness.

I'm blessed to be building Trace with incredible co-founders, Martin Destagnol (CTO) and my brother Matt Gonzalez (VP Sales). We form an incredible team and the sky is the limit for us.

Trace is the service desk for finance. Finance teams at progressive companies like Ada Support and Parsable trust Trace to make headcount management, spend management, and business partner collaboration easier than ever before. Finance works better with Trace, because Trace works better for teams.

What makes me happy?

• Special moments with family and friends
• Learning
• Teaching
• Being in great shape (working out)
• Winning in business
• Taking care of others
• Freedom
• My dog Nina

If you are as obsessed with personal growth, you are in the right place.

I love to learn. I share things I find interesting to help others win in business and life.

I come from humble beginnings. My mission to inspire others to break barriers and do great things.

Miami – the magical city I call home.

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